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SC Diaplast Production SRL produces plastic components:
- for cars
(PVC feed hose, safety belt buckles, dust collectors, bushings, elbows, gaskets);
- accessories used in civil engineering (dowels, spacers, plastic nails);
- containers for the cosmetics industry;
- accessories for vacuum cleaners
(brushes, elbows, plastic).

SC Diaplast Production SRL mission

Consists in applying within the organization of a quality policy focused on meeting customer requirements, as well in to attracting of new partners and respecting the applicable standards in all areas of activity, with the lowest costs, based on ensuring and optimizing resources, competence and motivation of staff, good internal management and a permanent concern to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Diaplast Production maintains and continuously improves the Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 as well as the design and certification according to ISO 45001: 2018.

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certificare calitate SC Diaplast Production SRL
certificare calitate SC Diaplast Production SRL

Our activity impact on the environment

Our general environmental objectives are:

- meeting of customer requirements.Each delivery should be a recommendation for future business, and customer requests and conditions must be met through our engagements and products conforming to the agreed criteria
- continuous improvement of the processes, products and ensuring that they are carried out in a framework that does not contravene the environmental legislation in force
- the concern to maintain a balance between social, economic and environmental requirements
- Employee involvement through awareness, training and motivation
- capitalizing on reusable materials, saving natural resources, reducing the volume of waste produced

Achieving these goals and therefore our goal of continuing to function as a competitive and successful entity will also be determined by our resources, our organization, our dedication to our work and, above all, the attitude to protect our environment.

This commitment statement will be communicated to all employees and the public and will be periodically analyzed for its continued suitability.

Waste Evidence Sheet for 2019
Quality certification SC Diaplast Production SRL
Waste reduction program for 2019
Quality certification SC Diaplast Production SRL

Diaplast Production policy,

policy regarding quality, environment, safety and occupational health (since 14.01.2019)

The General Manager of the organization has defined the policy regarding quality, environment and SSO as an instrument that ...

Statement regarding the policy regarding quality, environment, safety and occupational health
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